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Exciting news on planned improvements to Bryn Hyfryd at Snowdonia Getaway! March 2022

We hope you agree with us that there is little if anything we could do to improve the inside of our lovely cottage? Please get in touch if you think otherwise....

We are always evaluating how we can keep our guests experience first class and are committed to making improvements where necessary.

We have therefore decided to invest in some improvements to the grounds of Bryn Hyfryd. We have a few exciting projects which we hope to complete in March.

One of which is DEFINITELY going ahead.

So, we are replacing the slate crazy paving path at the side of the property. This is not in the best of condition and lets the rest of the cottage down somewhat. We are replacing the slate path (don't worry, the slate won't be wasted!) AND we are also adding a FIRE PIT area!! We aim to use the old slate paving to create an enclosed wall around the fire pit area.

Once finished our guests will be able to spend chilly evenings around the cosy fire pit and even barbeque on it!

So watch this space for news on progress AND further announcements on the other project we have lined up! Its going to be a busy spring!

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