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Our Amazing improvements for 2022!

Last month we excitedly announced the completion of the first of three major improvements to Bryn Hyfryd, if you remember we shared that the extensive crazy paving at the side of the house, which was really showing its age, had been replaced by beautiful new paving which really looks smart and is much safer to boot! We have even managed to incorporate a smart new BBQ home!

We can now announce the completion of our 2nd and 3rd additions. The dilapidated old prefab garage is gone! We have replaced it with an amazing new storage shed! At last we can now offer fully secure indoor bike storage, this is something that I know many of you will appreciate. In fact its large enough to not only house the whole families bikes but also other outdoor equipment, baby buggies, suitcases and much more. Safe in the knowledge that all is dry and secure. We are especially proud of this as it was a complete DIY design and build, we love a good project!

Finally our third exciting announcement is that we have had a fast 7kW Electric Vehicle charging point fitted to the outside of our new storage shed, conveniently located next to our private parking area. This is a smart ICS charger, so all you have to do is pre-pay on the app and your car will start charging!

So now our improvements for 2022 are complete, a major investment but one which we think will really benefit our lovely guests over the years to come.

Here is a short video highlighting the beautiful work.

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